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Ox – Burnout


Picking up where their acclaimed ‘American Lo Fi’ (2006) left off, Oxjumps down the rabbit hole with ‘Burnout’ — painting their dust bowl soundscapes with a much more textured brush than ever before. If ‘Lo Fi’ was weed soaked (and it was), ‘Burnout’ adds a dash of psychedelia as Ox ultimately and fully combine college/indie with the ashes of alt country. It’s a sonic candy store affair- and a brand new menu for the underground cult band.

Since 2007, the Vancouver act relocated to their roots in Sudbury- to found Cosmic Daves Sound Emporium- a fully analog recording studio-and set the foundation for years of Zappa-esque indulgencies on tape. ‘Burnout’ represents the swansong taste of West Coast recording for the group- and are among the final sessions from the legendary ‘Profile Sound’- where Ox’s previous two albums were recorded.

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Ox – Burnout.jpeg