Ford Pier

Over the years, the Ford Pier brand has cultivated a reputation for eclecticism, melodicism, dissonance, aggression, tenderness, humour, compelling lyrics, and outstanding drumming. Organ Farming recoils from the sprawling kaleidoscopic arrangements in favour of a leaner guitar-bass-drums campaign, along the lines of Ford’s power trio’s intense live performances. Recorded in Toronto with Don Kerr and Ryan Granville-Martin, the six songs that make up Organ Farming tackle the big issues as always: work  (“Employed”), love (“You Need A Place”), evolution (“Farmer Prince”), secrets (“You Don’t Want To Know What I’m Into”), the U.S. Interstate system (“Angels On Horseback”), and the suggestion that the definitive moments of one’s life may, and often do, pass unnoticed (“Maybe It Came At The Wrong Time”).