Falconhawk soars on melancholy album - 4½ out of 5

With a heavenly, self-harmonizing voice, Calgary 's Kara Keith is back at the front of an artistically satisfying Falconhawk record.A master of melodic minor keys, her albums come across as the diary of someone who sighs a lot when she's not drinking, things she occasionally decides she wants fading ever into the distance while weird distractions keep her basically happy enough.

BYOP - Dave Johnston, Vue Weekly

Around the Vue office, not a week goes by here Stompin’ Tom doesn’t get a spin on the office stereo. Let’s face it: the dude is about as indie as they come. When a band says, “Yeah, we’re indie, we’re keeping it real,” Stompin’ Tom ought to come around the corner and smash those babies up with an empty whiskey bottle.